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Foto (Matthias Groppe): Holographie-Apparatur von Herrn Dr. Andreas Redler

Photo: Foto (Matthias Groppe): Holographie-Apparatur von Herrn Dr. Andreas Redler

English Master Program in Physics


Our university, located in the center of Germany, focuses on various aspects of the information society. In this context our Physics Department specializes in advanced and ambitious fields of modern technology, e.g., fabrication, characterization, spectroscopy, and applications of semiconductor nanostructures, optical communication, quantum computing and the theoretical understanding and modeling of the underlying physical phenomena.

You can start your career in physics here in our Master program which gives you the chance to specialize in a number of highly innovative fields. The study program is fully accredited by ASIIN (a member of the Washington Accord). If you want to get even deeper into science and research, we offer a wide range of interesting topics for postgraduate work leading to a doctoral degree (Ph.D.).


The Master program extends over 4 semesters (2 years) and starts every year in October.

In the first year two semesters of lectures, seminars, and practical and theoretical exercises in Applied/Experimental/Theoretical and Computational Physics are offered.
In the second year, the students are adopted as regular members of one of the research groups and obtain the special skills that are needed for the scientific work on their Master thesis in the third semester. In the fourth semester, the research work on the topic of the Master thesis is performed and the thesis is written and defended in an oral examination. The focus of the scientific part of the program is on the opto-electronic properties of micro- and nanostructures, i.e., their production, characterization, spectroscopic properties, device applications, and theoretical description, and also on computational physics and materials science. A detailed description of the courses you will find here: Module structure


To enroll in our English Master program,
•  a Bachelor degree (equivalent to a German Bachelor degree in Physics and
•  proof of English language skills (TOEFL 550 (paper-based) or 79 (internet-based) or equivalent) is required.

We have an authorized TOEFL test center in our university, so you can take the internet-based TOEFL test here.  more



Application Procedure

For your application you will need to submit the "application form for admission to a German university".

Important: Please make sure to apply for your studies at the University of Paderborn correctly! Otherwise, your application may not be taken into consideration.Detailed information you will find here.


Here are some additional reasons why you should choose Paderborn for Physics:
Our faculty are all highly qualified experts, both in their research fields as well as in teaching
•  All key facilities (lecture halls, laboratories, library, cafeteria, etc.) are combined under one roof
•  Student accommodation is located right next to the campus
•  Very low tuition and enrollment fees (approx. 200 EURO per semester)
•  Students have free use of all public transport services in and around Paderborn
•  Our Physics Department is slim and efficient: about 60 staff members serve presently just around 300 students, so you can be sure of all the attention and support you need.

More informations about the city Paderborn can be found here.

General Questions and Application

Dr. Uwe Gerstmann

Theoretical Materials Physics

Akademischer Oberrat

Uwe Gerstmann
+49 5251 60-3481
+49 5251 60-3435

The University for the Information Society