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Foto (Matthias Groppe): Holographie-Apparatur von Herrn Dr. Andreas Redler

Foto: Foto (Matthias Groppe): Holographie-Apparatur von Herrn Dr. Andreas Redler

Donnerstag, 02.11.2017 | 16.15 - 17.00 Uhr | Hörsaal A1

Semiconductor nanowires for 3D nano-LEDs and hybrid optoelectronic devices

Prof. Tobias Voss

Technische Universität Braunschweig 

Semiconductor nanowires represent a particularly interesting platform for the design and fabrication of nanoscale inorganic and hybrid devices with applications in optoelectronics and sensing. Their unique properties are largely determined by their large surface-to-volume ratio combined with a high crystalline quality and the naturally formed electronic or photonic transport channels.

In this presentation, we will discuss research activities at the IHT in Braunschweig that deal with the design and characterization of different GaN- and ZnO-based nanowire devices. We will show the design and analysis of 3D GaN- based micro- and nano-LEDs and in particular discuss the recombination dynamics of electron-hole pairs after photo-excitation. For self-powered sensing applications, nanowires functionalized with colloidal nanocrystals and Carbon nanodots (CDots) through organic linker molecules constitute a promising platform. We will study the role of surface oxygen for the dynamics of the electron transfer processes between the nanocrystals and the nanowires and discuss the role of different linker molecules. We will further demonstrate the fabrication of hybrid ZnO/Polypyrrole and GaN/PEDOT core-shell nanowires for nano-LED applications using the oxidative chemical vapor deposition (oCVD) process for conductive polymers.

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