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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions, sorted by topic. If your question is not included, please contact the scientific management.


Who can I talk to if I am unsure about my course of study?

If such thoughts occupy you, or if you are unsure whether your study planning makes sense etc., then make an appointment with the study advisor Marc Sacher. Students of physics education can contact Prof. Kulgemeyer.


I would like to have my academic achievements recognized, who should I contact?

If you are a physics bachelor student, please contact the current chairman of the examinations committee (see contact).

How do I connect with my fellow students?

Then get active and have a look at the student representative committee of physics or integrate yourself into university groups such as Event Physics, Upbracing Team, ASTA, ... There you will quickly make friends and get to know new people.

Who can help me with exam nerves?
I did not pass the required C1 level in the English placement test. What do I do now?

Contact Mirja Englert from ZFS. She offers hardship consultation hours at the beginning of the semester and can give tips on how best to prepare for the next test.

Not all courses are shown to me on Paul.

If you are a physics student, then contact Matthias Reichelt. If you are a physics education student and have problems with a didactic course (except "Introduction to Physics Education"), please contact Michael Mayer. If you are a physics education student and have problems with the course "Introduction to Physics Education" or one of the subjects, then Matthias Reichelt is also the right person to contact.

How can I change my major field of study?

If you would like to change the major field of your Bachelor's program, please contact the examination office (Karin Schäfer).


I have a problem with a computer program for my studies.

If a search engine of your choice does not solve the problem, please contact the team member at the Learning Center Physics with focus on program support.

I have problems in my lab courses.

Then take a look at 3P's FAQs here.

I cannot study alone and I am looking for someone to study with.

Contact the scientific management of the Learning Center Physics or the student representative committee, we will surely find someone.

How exactly do the attempts for the exams work?

Your examination regulations specify exactly how the examinations are conducted.


I have failed all written exam attempts and am now in my last attempt. Who can help me?

If you have any questions about efficient exam preparation, please contact the scientific managment of the Learning Center Physics. If you are looking for alternatives to your current studies, please contact your study advisor. If you are emotionally unwell because of this, contact the psychosocial counseling.

Who do I contact if I need a transcript of records for the Bafög office?

Go with your printed transcript of records from PAUL to Mrs. Schäfer (physics examination office). She can sign the form for you.

Learning Center Physics

How do I get help if I have problems in a course?

If there is no special offer for your course yet, you can either contact one of the tutors of the Learning Center Physics or directly the scientific management of the Learning Center Physics.

I want to buy a book, how do I know which one is right for me?

There are many of the standard works used in physics as e-resources in the library. In addition, you can view most of the books in the Learning Center Physics and decide which one suits you best.

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