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Nanostrukturierung - Nanoanalytik - Photonische Materialien
Prof. Dr. Jörg Lindner

Dr. Thomas Riedl

Dr. Thomas Riedl

Nanopatterning - Nanoanalysis - Photonic Materials

Akademischer Oberrat - Project leader (fabrication and structural analysis of nanoheteroepitaxial structures)

+49 5251 60-2746
+49 5251 60-3247
Warburger Str. 100
33098 Paderborn

Further workspaces
Working areas
  • Self-organized nanopatterning of semiconductor surfaces
  • Semiconductor heteroepitaxy on nanopatterned substrates
  • Electron microscopical characterization (SEM, analytical TEM/STEM)
  • Atomistic modeling of lattice strain and defects using molecular statics

Link to DFG project "Stability of misfit dislocations in axial-heteroepitaxial nanopillar structures"

03/2018 - today

03/2012 - 03/2018

05/2009 - 03/2012

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Institut für Werkstoffwissenschaft der TU Dresden mit den Themen Nanokristalline Legierungen nichtmischbarer Komponenten sowie Verzerrungsanalyse mittels EBSD

08/2008 - 05/2009

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am IFW Dresden mit Thema Strukturelle Charakterisierung von SrTiO3 Ruddlesden Popper Phasen

06/2007 - 06/2008

PostDoc am CEMES CNRS in Toulouse

10/2003 - 05/2007

Doktorarbeit am IFW Dresden und TU Dresden bei Prof Wetzig zum Thema Lanthanstrontiummanganatdünnschichten auf SrTiO3 001 Substrat

10/1998 - 09/2003

Studium der Werkstoffwissenschaften an der Universität Erlangen Nürnberg


Strain-Driven InAs Island Growth on top of GaAs(111) Nanopillars
Riedl T, Kunnathully VS, Trapp A, Langer T, Reuter D, Lindner JKN (2019).

InAs Heteroepitaxy on Nanopillar-Patterned GaAs (111)A
Kunnathully VS, Riedl T, Trapp A, Langer T, Reuter D, Lindner JKN (2019).

Applicability of molecular statics simulation to partial dislocations in GaAs
Riedl T, Lindner JKN (2019).

Peer review publications

T. Riedl and J.K.N. Lindner: "Stability of heteroepitaxial coherent growth modes on nanowire radial surfaces", Physical Review Materials 3 (2019) 053403

A.W. Achtstein, O. Marquardt, R. Scott, M. Ibrahim, T. Riedl, A.V. Prudnikau, A. Antanovich, N. Owschimikow, J.K.N. Lindner, M. Artemyev and U. Woggon: "Impact of Shell Growth on Recombination Dynamics and Exciton-Phonon Interaction in CdSe-CdS Core-Shell Nanoplatelets", ACS Nano 12 (2018) 9476-9483

T. Rieger, T. Riedl, E. Neumann, D. Grützmacher, J.K.N. Lindner and A. Pawlis: "Enhancement of the critical thickness in single ZnSe/CdSe quantum wells via strain compensation", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9 (2017) 8371-8377

T. Riedl and J.K.N. Lindner: "Heteroepitaxy of III-V Zinc Blende Semiconductors on Nanopatterned Substrates", in: "Nanoscaled Films and Layers", Ed.: L. Nanai, ISBN 978-953-51-3144-1, Print ISBN 978-953-51-3143-4; Publisher: InTechOpen, Rijeka (2017) p. 83-113

T. Riedl and J.K.N. Lindner: "Self organized fabrication of periodic arrays of vertical ultrathin nanopillars on GaAs surfaces", Physica Status Solidi A 211 (2014) pp. 2871-2877

T. Riedl, M Strake, W. Sievers and J.K.N. Lindner: "Thermal Modification of Nanoscale Mask Openings in Polystyrene Sphere Layers", MRS Proceedings 1663 (2014) mrsf13-1663-ww0375

T. Riedl and J.K.N. Lindner: "Comparison of Theoretical Approaches Predicting the Coherent Semicoherent Transition in Nanoscale Axial Heterostructures", MRS Proceedings 1664 (2014) mrsf13-1664-yy0906

T. Riedl and H. Wendrock: "Reliability of high resolution EBSD determination of strain and rotation variations using phase only and cross correlation", Crystal Research and Technology 49 (2014) pp. 195-203

T. Riedl, A. Kirchner, K. Eymann, A. Shariq, R. Schlesiger, G. Schmitz, M. Ruhnow and B. Kieback: "Elemental distribution solute solubility and defect free volume in nanocrystalline restricted equilibrium Cu Ag alloys", Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 25 (2013) 115401 (9 pp.)

A. Kirchner, T. Riedl, K. Eymann, M. Noethe and B. Kieback: "Near Equilibrium Solubility of Nanocrystalline Alloys", MRS Symposium Proceedings 1371 (2012) imrc11-1371-s1-p131

K. Eymann, T. Riedl, A. Bram, M. Ruhnow, R. Boucher, A. Kirchner and B. Kieback: "Consolidation of mechanically alloyed nanocrystalline Cu Nb ZrO2 powder by spark Plasma sintering", Journal of Alloys and Compounds 535 (2012) pp. 62-69

T. Riedl, T. Gemming, C. Mickel, K. Eymann, A. Kirchner and B. Kieback: "Preparation of high quality ultrathin transmission electron microscopy specimens of a nanocrystalline metallic powder", Microscopy Research and Technique 75 (2012) pp. 711-719

S. Kalinichenka, L. Roentzsch, T. Riedl, T. Weissgaerber and B. Kieback: "Hydrogen storage properties and microstructure of meltspun Mg90Ni8RE2", International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 36 (2011) pp. 10808-10815

S. Kalinichenka, L. Roentzsch, T. Riedl, T. Gemming, T. Weissgaerber and B. Kieback: "Microstructure and hydrogen storage properties of meltspun Mg-Cu-Ni-Y alloys", International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 36 (2011) pp. 1592-1600

M. Zschornak, S. Gemming, E. Gutmann, T. Weissbach, H. Stoecker, T. Leisegang, T. Riedl, M. Traenkner, T. Gemming and D.C. Meyer: "Surface modeling and chemical solution deposition of SrO SrTiO3n Ruddlesden Popper phases", Acta Materialia 58 (2010) pp. 4650-4659

T. Riedl, T. Gemming, T. Weissbach, G. Seifert, E. Gutmann, M. Zschornak, D.C. Meyer and S. Gemming: "ELNES study of chemical solution deposited SrO(SrTiO3)n RuddlesdenPopper films: Experiment and simulation", Ultramicroscopy 110 (2009) pp. 26-32

T. Riedl, T. Gemming, K. Doerr, M. Luysberg and K. Wetzig: "Mn valency at La0,7Sr0,3MnO3/SrTiO3 (001) thin film interfaces", Microscopy and Microanalysis 15 (2009) pp. 213-221

T. Riedl, T. Gemming, W. Gruner, J. Acker and K. Wetzig: "Determination of manganese valency in La1-xSrxMnO3 using ELNES in the STEM", Micron 38 (2007) pp. 224-230

T. Riedl, T. Gemming and K. Wetzig: "Extraction of EELS whiteline intensities of manganese compounds: Methods accuracy and valence sensitivity", Ultramicroscopy 106 (2006) pp. 284-291


Prof. Dr. Jörg Lindner

Nanopatterning - Nanoanalysis - Photonic Materials


Jörg Lindner
+49 5251 60-2748
+49 5251 60-3247

The University for the Information Society