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| Jano Gil Lopez

Bristol Quantum Information Technologies Workshop 2019 (BQIT:19)

Benjamin Brecht joined BQIT:19 in Bristol to deliver an invited talk on “Quantum optics and information science in multidimensional photonic networks.” In his presentation, he gave an overview over the work done by the Integrated Quantum Optics group in Paderborn. The talk was well received by the roughly 150 attendees and inspired fruitful follow-up discussions with exciting prospects for future international collaborations between Paderborn University and other leaders in the field of quantum optics. Given that many attendees had a background in fabrication technologies, the audience was particularly intrigued by the HOM-on-a-chip sample, which we presented here.


Prof. Dr. Christine Silberhorn

Integrated Quantum Optics


Christine Silberhorn
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