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| Jano Gil Lopez

CLEO San José 2019

It is our pleasure to announce that Christine Silberhorn and Benjamin Brecht were invited to CLEO 2019 in San José, California, US to deliver presentations.

Christine Silberhorn gave one of the coveted Tutorial Talks, where she presented the IQO’s work on “Quantum information processing with integrated optics and pulsed light”. Her 45-minute talk drew an audience of over a hundred people regardless of the unfavourable 8am time slot. Benjamin Brecht was invited to open the special symposium on “Quantum information in time-frequency domain”, with his talk on the “Tailored generation, manipulation, and application of photonic temporal modes.”

The CLEO conference turned out to be very successful for the IQO group; numerous engaging discussions followed the presentations, and several new collaborations are emerging as a result of these.


Prof. Dr. Christine Silberhorn

Integrated Quantum Optics


Christine Silberhorn
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