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CRC TRR 142 highlights: Project B05

In the project B05, new poling patterns for realizing high-performance sources of quantumlight have been developed. Nonlinear processes allow for the generation of temporal andspectral independent photon pairs, represent an ideal source of twin-photon states forapplications   in   the   classical   and   quantum   domain.   Specifically,   counter-propagatingparametric down-conversion (PDC) requires ultra-short poling periods to obtain phase-matching, posing a major challenge for the fabrication in the sub-micron regime. Wesuccessfully devised a reliable technology for the fabrication of such suitable poling patterns,realizing poling periods down to 1.0 μm in LiNbO3 waveguides. Our newly designed andoptimized electrical circuitry allows for shorter electric field pulses with increased fieldstrengths.

Reference: Optics Express 28, 378789 (2020)



Prof. Dr. Christine Silberhorn

Integrierte Quantenoptik


Christine Silberhorn
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