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CRC TRR 142 highlights: Project C02

In the project C02, an experimental realization of metasurface-based quantum interferometer
was achieved. Sophisticated, subwavelength-sized nanoresonators on metasurfaces are
novel optical components that are now utilized in quantum optics for the first time. For
example, from a single photon pair that is inserted into the metasurface, spatial entanglement
is directly obtained. As a milestone for the development of future hybrid-integrated quantum
technologies, the collaborative work by Zentgraf’s group and the IQO group demonstrated the
possibility of the implementation of such a quantum interferometer experiment based on a
meatsurface chip, revealing that this photonic structure is capable of maintaining the quantum
properties. Thus, the metasurface technology can be directly applied to practical integrated
quantum applications, constituting a major step towards miniaturization and and hybridintegrated quantum technologies.

Reference: Light Sci. Appl. 8, 70 (2019)


Prof. Dr. Christine Silberhorn

Integrated Quantum Optics


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