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Foto (Matthias Groppe): Holographie-Apparatur von Herrn Dr. Andreas Redler

Photo: Foto (Matthias Groppe): Holographie-Apparatur von Herrn Dr. Andreas Redler


Open positions for student assistance (SHK), Bachelor-, and Master-Thesis

We are actively looking for motivated students for the following topics:

  • Experimental and theoretical investigations of surface plasmon effects on metal film
  • Nanofabrication of Metamaterials and Metasurfaces
  • Nonlinear optical spectrocopy on Metamaterials
  • Nonlinear optical spectroscopy on localized surface plasmons
  • Spectroscopy on Plasmonic nanoantennas
  • Spectroscopy on chiral nanostructures
  • Metasurface holography

There are always opportunities for interested students and interns to actively participate in our research projects. If you are interested, please contact Prof. Thomas Zentgraf.

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