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Our Group Hybrid Quantum Photonic Devices (hqpd)  is engaged in the development of novel devices for photonic quantum technologies, with particular emphasis on quantum communication and photonic quantum computing applications. Research focuses on the investigation of nanometer-sized quantum light sources based on semiconductor and 2D materials, nanofabrication of photonic integrated circuits, the development of quantum memories, and the integration and coupling of the individual devices with each other.
In particular, the miniaturization of individual devices and their integration on photonic circuits plays a critical role in the everyday viability of photonic quantum technologies. Unfortunately, different devices are often not directly compatible with each other and therefore cannot be monolithically integrated on a chip. In our group, we aim to develop novel hybrid or heterogeneous integration methods to combine different components on a circuit without sacrificing performance of the individual components.
For this purpose, we use state-of-the-art nanofabrication methods and complex optical and quantum optical analysis techniques. One of the central devices for our hybrid photonic circuits are single photon sources, in particular quantum dots. These can be embedded in resonator structures and are currently the purest on-demand single photon light source - a key component for future quantum repeaters which are urgently needed for the realization of quantum networks.

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