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Our research covers a range of exciting topics in theoretical condensed matter physics and optics. Fields of particular current interest include nonlinear polariton physics in semiconductor microcavities, multi-exciton states and multi-photon transitions in semiconductor quantum dots, and structural properties and optical excitations in organic (molecular) semiconductors.

In many of our projects, we use light as a probing tool to gain insight into excitation dynamics and optical properties of nanometer scale structures on ultrafast (femtosecond) timescales. Beyond pure basic research, we use our understanding of nonlinear light-matter interaction to envision strategies for novel light manipulation schemes such as in all-optical amplifiers, switches, and quantum-light sources. 

Besides our own work, we are embedded in a stimulating local research environment, and we work closely together with a number of leading groups all around the world.



Prof. Dr. Stefan Schumacher

Theorie funktionaler photonischer Strukturen

Stefan Schumacher
+49 5251 60-2334
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