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Foto: Paderborn University

About us

In general, photons are excellent information carriers because of their high speed, weak interaction with the environment, and available schemes that allow to manipulate their properties, create protocols of quantum cryptography and quantum teleportation, provide quantum computing and quantum information algorithms. In the Theoretical Quantum Optics group we are working with different non-classical states of light: single photons, biphoton pairs, squeezed and bright squeezed vacuum states of light. We develop theoretical description of such states, we study their properties and correlations as well as investigate applications of such state of light for super sensitive linear and non-linear interferometry, for generation entangled states and single mode sources, for encoding information and light-matter interaction. We research such states of light in bulk optics and also in integrated systems.


J.-Prof. Dr. Polina Sharapova

Theoretical Quantum Optics

Polina Sharapova
+49 5251 60-4232
+49 5251 60-3435

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