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  • 12/2018 We congratulate Dr. Dirk Heinze for a successful PhD viva!
  • 07/2018 The group takes part in the 2018 TK Campus Run. Our relay team (Matthias, Xuekai, Chuanding, Stefan) finished the 10k in a not too shabby 45:51 minutes. Matthias finished the 5K in a respectable 25:04 minutes. Well done everybody.
  • 07/2018 The DFG approves the second funding period of the Heisenberg professorship. See press release of Paderborn University.
  • 05/2018 Dr. Xuekai Ma wins the best poster award for his work on "Optical control of vortices in polariton condensates" at the PLMCN conference 2018.
  • 05/2018 We congratulate Dr. Dominik Breddermann for a successful PhD viva!
  • 01/2018 Dr. Xuekai Ma wins the prestigious "Chinese government award for outstanding self-financed students abroad". Congratulations Xuekai! See the University's press release.
  • 11/2017 The DFG extends funding for our collaborative research center (SFB) TRR142 by another 4 years. The Theory of Functional Photonic Structures group again contributes with two projects.
  • 06/2017 Xuekai Ma very successfully defends his PhD thesis. Congratulations Dr. Ma!
  • Dr. Christian Wiebeler (now at the Fritz Haber Center for Molecular Dynamics in Jerusalem) is awarded a two-year postdoctoral fellowship by the DFG. 
  • 06/2016 The group has now relocated to the new office space on the 4th floor of the A building.
  • Dr. Christian Wiebeler wins best thesis award 2015 for his PhD thesis. Congratulations Christian! 
  • 11/2015 Congratulations to Dominik Breddermann for winning the best presentation award at the annual convention of the GRK1464.
  • 08/2015 We congratulate Dr. Przemyslaw Lewandowski for the successful defense of his PhD thesis.
  • 07/2015 Stefan Schumacher is now Heisenbergprofessor at the University of Paderborn.
  • 06/2015 Christian Wiebeler defends his PhD thesis with great success. Congratulations, Dr. Wiebeler.
  • 12/2014 Stefan Schumacher awarded "Goldene Kreide" for excellence in teaching, see press release.
  • 11/2013 The DFG decides to fund our new collaborative research center (SFB) TRR142. The Theoretical Optoelectronics & Photonics group contributes with two projects. See press releases of the DFG.
  • 09/2013 Christian Wiebeler wins Poster Prize at DFT2013 conference in Durham for his presentation "Electronic and Optical Properties of Photochromic Diarylethenes", see press release
  • 04/2013 positive evaluation of Junior-Professorship by University of Paderborn and external reviewers
  • 12/2012 Stefan Schumacher member of the Junges Kolleg of the NRW Akademie der Wissenschaften & Künste, see UPB press release
  • 11/2012 Congratulations to Christian Wiebeler. He has been awarded a fully funded PhD scholarship by the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung to continue his work on conjugated polymers and photochromic molecules, see UPB press release.
  • 11/2012 We congratulate Dirk Heinze for passing his M.Sc. viva
  • 06/2012 Christian Wiebeler takes part in the 2012 Nobel Laureate meeting in Lindau, see press release
  • 05/2012 DFG continues support of our two projects in the GRK1464 for another 4.5 years until 2017
  • 02/2012 Andreas Lücke passed his B.Sc. viva with great success
  • 09/2011 Regina Kruse passed her B.Sc. viva with great success.
  • Andreas Lücke was selected to take part in the Guest Student Programme on Scientific Computing at Forschungszentrum Jülich from August to Oktober 2011, resulting in a nice paper in PRL, highlighted as Focus Article in Physics by the American Physical Society journal editors
  • 03/2011 DFG-grant awarded to continue work on polariton scattering, pattern formation and control in semiconductor microcavities
  • 02/2011 Inaugural lecture given
  • 12/2010 Stefan Schumacher elected board member of CeOPP

Prof. Dr. Stefan Schumacher

Theory of Functional Photonic Structures

Stefan Schumacher
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