Research – the many colors of quanta

We explore a manifold of different quantum phenomena in general physical scenarios, while focusing on photonic systems. Our research encompasses questions ranging from fundamental to applied, such as applications in quantum communication and quantum simulators.

Did you ever wonder:

  • What is quantum? (characterization of quantum phenomena)

  • Entanglement, what is that all about? (entanglement theory)

  • What happens to quantum systems when growing large? (scalability of quantum effects)

  • What happens to quantum systems when growing old? (quantum dynamics)

  • Why can quantum probabilities become negative? (quasiprobability representations)

  • How does a melody of clicks display quantum light? (detector theory)

  • How to count quantum superpositions? (quantum resource theory)

  • etc.

In our group, we do think about those and related questions all the time.

Prof. Dr. Jan Sperling

Theoretical Quantum Science

Room O4.152
Paderborn University
Pohlweg 51
33098 Paderborn