Group III-Ar­sen­ides and An­ti­monides ( Prof. Dr. Dirk Re­u­ter)


The group III- arsenides (InAs, GaAs, AIAs) cover the spectral range of about 0,7 to 1,3 µm.

The corresponding antimonides allow for expanding the spectral range down to 3 µm and also make the wavelength of 1,55 µm accessible, which is vital for fiber-bound communication.

All in all the InAs/GaAs/AIAs-system allows not only for the fabrication of highest quality layered structures in the AlAs/GaAs-sub-system but also for the realization of semiconductor quantum dots of excellent optical qualities the InAs/GaAs-sub-system. Overall this system enables the fabrication of quantum dot heterostructures of finest material quality.

One focus of our activities is the fabrication of InAs quantum dot-structures for quantum dot information technology, for instance to implement single photon sources or exciton qubits.

In the field of single photon emitters and detectors we develop new device concepts, with one focus on 1,55 µm operational wavelength.

By embedding InAs quantum dots into special heterostructures, the charge in the quantum dots or the emission wavelength can be adjusted by an external electrical voltage.

Furthermore we deal with the MBE on pre-patterned substrates to fabricate complex quantum devices.