Group III nitrides like GaN, AIN, and InN are, because of their mechanical strength and chemical and thermal resistance, particularly suitable for electronic (e.g. transistors) and optoelectronic applications such as blue light emitting diodes and lasers, which work at extreme environmental conditions and high frequencies.

For devices of structure sizes in the nanometer range new qualities and effects become obvious which can for example be used for single photons or THz emitters, respectively detectors. 

The main field of research of our specialist area, integrated in the key research area "Optoelectronics and Photonics"(CeOPP) in Paderborn is the fabrication of cubic group III nitrides by molecular beam epitaxy and its characterization by optical, electrical and structural measuring techniques, as well as the production of first device structures.

These works on the basis of cubic III nitrides led to the realisation of the first field effect transistor of cubic AIGaN/GaN, as to quantum dot emitters and Intersubband Quantum-Well Photodetektors (QWIPs). For the first time single photon emissions of cubic quantum dots up to 200 K were proved just recently.


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