Tailored material design with nonlinear optics

 |  Nachrichten AG Zentgraf

Metamaterials again? In the recent issue of the magazine "Physik in unserer Zeit" (only available in German) we report about the tailored properties of nanostructured materials for nonlinear optics.

The article can be found in the <link http: onlinelibrary.wiley.com doi piuz.201601427 abstract>March issue.

Picture (Physics Department): Schematic illustration of our experiment. The illumination of the nanostructures with right circular polarized light (+σ) of wavelength λ generates a second harmonic wave with λ/2. The rotation of the structures with respect to each other with an angle θ generates an additional phase. Hence, the structures send out the nonlinear light under an angle, the 1st diffraction order. Each structure generates hereby a left circular polarized wave –σ and a local phase ϕ = 3σθ, which is only determined by the rotation angle.