Schoolchildren get exciting insights into studying physics: information event on the “Young Student Program”

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In the coming winter semester, the Physics Department of the Paderborn University will again be offering students of the upper level who want to study physics alongside school and are interested in studying physics the opportunity to take part in courses for freshmen students as "young students". On September 23, schoolchildren and parents can find out more about the “Young Student Program” at the university. Physics lecturers present courses and discuss with students and parents which events are suitable for them. With the “Young Student Program”, the Department of Physics enables students with a particular interest in physics to try out their skills and to test whether a degree is an option. The lectures on offer will be made available as videos this year. They are supplemented by weekly exercises that can be worked on alone or in a team and then discussed at the university. If the young students successfully take the final examination at the end of the semester, the work done can be directly credited towards a later study at the University of Paderborn under certain conditions. Merle Hüllmann from the Delbrück High School took part in a physics lecture for one semester in 2019: “I am enthusiastic about the young student program. The course was really interesting and the professors are very nice. If the opportunity arises for me, I will definitely take part in further lectures in physics, as I would like to study physics after graduation."

Photo (Uni Paderborn, Department of Physics): Front v. l .: Leonard Giller and Merle Hüllmann took part in lectures given by physicist Prof. Dr. Thomas Zentgraf (center back). They got to know, among other things, the so-called Pohl wheel and bicycle tires to demonstrate physical effects.