The technology labs of the group are within excellent clean-room facilities (up to class 100 for most critical processing). All equipment required for the fabrication of integrated devices in LiNbO3 and KTP is available. This includes facilities for lithography, diffusion, dry and wet etching, period poling, .... Moreover, advanced custom designed optical coatings on mirror blanks or waveguide end-faces can be deposited with our with our ion-assisted evaporation machine.  

The group is also well equipped with several optics labs for the characterization of waveguide devices and to perform quantum optics experiments. This includes “classical” measurements for instance of waveguide losses, mode shapes, nonlinear conversion efficiencies, … and also quantum experiments on single-photon basis. Pulsed and cw-laser sources as well as single-photon detectors and coincidence counters are available.