„In my team, young scientists are exploring the photonic quantum technologies of the future in full breadth”

Prof. Dr. Christine Silberhorn,
Integrated Quantum Optics

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PhoQS offers us the opportunities to conduct interdisciplinary research with state-of-the-art infrastructure.



Our group develops and investigates novel optical devices and methods with regard to applications in quantum information processing, quantum communication and for the fundamental understanding of quantum theory. By using integrated optical devices in quantum optical experiments, the effort for the realisation of quantum light sources or converters can be greatly reduced on the one hand, and on the other hand, the implementation of quantum optical setups with a very high degree of complexity is possible for the first time. Both together represent an important milestone for the development of a quantum technology that, by using original quantum properties, enables novel applications that cannot be developed with classical resources.




Latest Publications

Open list in Research Information System

Scalable Generation of Multiphoton Entangled States by Active Feed-Forward and Multiplexing
Evan Meyer-Scott, Nidhin Prasannan, Ish Dhand, Christof Eigner, Viktor Quiring, Sonja Barkhofen, Benjamin Brecht, Martin B. Plenio, and Christine Silberhorn
[Phys. Rev. Lett. 129, 150501]

Nonlinear integrated quantum electro-optic circuits
Kai-Hong Luo, Sebastian Brauner, Christof Eigner, Polina R. Sharapova, Raimund Ricken, Torsten Meier, Harald Herrmann and Christine Silberhorn
[Sci. Adv. 2019; 5 : eaat1451, arXiv:1810.13173]

Demonstration of Hong-Ou-Mandel interference in an LNOI directional coupler
Silia Babel, Laura Bollmers, Marcello Massaro, Kai Hong Luo, Michael Stefszky, Federico Pegoraro, Philip Held, Harald Herrmann, Christof Eigner, Benjamin Brecht, Laura Padberg, and Christine Silberhorn
[Optics Express. 2023;31(14)]


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Integrated Quantum Optics

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