Equip­ment: Nan­o­pat­tern­ing

Nan­o­pat­tern­ing doc­tor blade

Deposition of self-organized colloidal nanosphere masks on solid surfaces by moving a droplet
Doctor blade apparatus:
- Movable substrate holder
- Peltier sample table with adjustable temperature
- Glove box with dry gas inlet
- Temperature and humidity control
- Adjustable inclination angle of the blade
- In situ observation with a light microscope
- PC control


In­clin­a­tion dry­er

Deposition of self-organized nanosphere masks by controlled drying of colloidal suspensions
- heatable and coolable sample table
- controlled gas environment
- selectable substrate inclination angle
- in-situ process control


Dip coat­er

Patterning of complex shaped surfaces
- PC-controlled deposition velocity
- flexible setup


Spin coat­er

Liquid-phase deposition of polymers and varnish
- Rotation speed 20 - 100 rps



Liquid phase exchange of colloidal suspensions
- Track etch filter with selectable pore size
- Inert gas operation
- electric conductivity measurement


Op­tic­al mask in­spec­tion sys­tem

Automatic Determination of mono- and double layer area fractions as well as domain sizes
- image sequences
- for masks up to 10 x 10 cm2
- PC control of sample table and data acquisition
- in-situ modification of mask openings