Equipment: Material deposition and removal

Plasma etching machines

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Oxford Instruments Plasmalab System 100:

RIE plasma process system with inductively coupled plasma ICP 180 for reactive ion etching
- Automatic wafer loading; max. wafer size 100 mm
- Available process gases: C4F8, SF6, O2, Ar, CHF3, CF4, He
- RF power: max 300 W @ 13.56 MHz
- ICP power: max 3000 W @ 13.56 MHz

Oxford Instruments Plasmalab 80plus (RIE):

RIE plasma process system with inductively coupled plasma ICP 65 for reactive ion etching
- Available process gases: SiCl4, SF6, O2, Ar, Cl2, CH4, H2
- Wafer size max. 50 mm (homogeneous plasma)
- RF power: max 400 W @ 13.56 MHz
- ICP power: max 300 W @ 13.56 MHz

Oxford Instruments Plasmalab 80plus (PECVD):

PECVD plasma process system for deposition of insulating and semiconducting films
- Available process gases: SiH4/Ar (2%/98%), NH3, N2O, N2, CF4
- Heatable specimen table: max. 400°C
- Wafer size max. 50 mm (homogeneous plasma)
- RF power max: 400 W @13.56 MHz


Evaporation apparatus for directed deposition

- Motorized two-axis specimen tilting
- 6-crucible electron beam evaporator
- Quartz balance for thickness monitoring
- Specimen heating
- Turbo pump
- Kaufmann ion source for ion beam assisted deposition and implantation


Deposition apparatus Varian 3119 R&D coater system

Deposition of thin films
- Electron beam evaporator
- Crucible evaporator
- Glow discharge operation
- Vacuum system: pre-pump, oil diffusion pump


Sputtering apparatus

Sputter deposition of thin films
- Au and Pt films
- Membrane pump
- Time control


Mirror transport furnace

Synthesis of ZnO nanowires by Zn/O transport in a temperature gradient
- Quartz tube
- Max. temperature 1100 °C
- Max. specimen size 2 cm x 2 cm
- Operation under vacuum or inert gas (Ar)


Tensiometer K100SF (Krüss company)

Contact angle measurements of single fibres for wetting analysis
- Weight measurement: up to 3 g, resolution 0.1 µg
- Specimen stage positioning: Range 110 mm, resolution 0.1 µm, velocity 0.09 - 500 mm/min


Drop shape analyzer DSA25E (Krüss company)

Optical measurement of static and dynamic contact angles on solid surfaces (sessile drop method), Determiantion of surface energies of solids and surface tension of liquids (pendant drop method)
- Lift table (z axis)
- Software controlled double dose unit
- Zoom objective, camera (resolution 656x492 px)



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