Equip­ment: Op­tic­al and elec­tric­al char­ac­ter­iz­a­tion

Pho­to­lu­min­es­cence spec­tro­met­er

- Excitation using Ar-Ne laser or wight ligth + monochromator
- Detection of the reflected or transmitted intensity
- Wavelength interval 0.2-0.8 µm


Zeiss ab­sorp­tion spec­tro­met­er

- Illumination: Halogen or deuterium lamp + monochromator
- Wavelength interval: 0.2 - 1.0 µm
- Detection of the transmitted intensity using secondary electron multiplier


Op­tic­al re­flec­to­met­er

- Illumination: wight light source + adjustable monochromator
- Four-circle goniometer for specimen positioning
- Semiconductor detector
- Application: Colloidal crystals


Wight light re­flec­to­met­er

- Measurement in transmission or reflection
- Post-specimen monochromator


Zeiss vis­ible light mi­cro­scope for mono­chro­mat­ic ima­ging

- Measurement in transmission or in reflection


Four­i­er trans­form in­frared spec­tro­met­er (FTIR): Bruker IFS 28


Elec­tric­al con­duct­iv­ity meas­ure­ments

- 2-point and 4-point measurements
- Tip positioning using micromanipulators (type: PH100)
- Electronic control and data acquisition
- Measurements possible also with light irradiation (integrated sun simulator)

Sun sim­u­lat­or

- Xenon arc lamp, 150 W, ozone-free
- Radiation intensity: 1 - 2 suns
- Collimated beam diameter: 35 mm
- Filter: AM 1.5 global, 48°


Spread­ing res­ist­ance meas­ur­ing sta­tion

- Measurement of the spreading resistance using an angled polish
- 2-point method
- Electrical conductivity depth profiling of layered semiconductor systems