The Nanostructuring - Nanoanalysis - Photonic Materials group is concerned with the production of new optoelectronic and photonic materials, the development of the nanostructuring methods required for this and the precise analysis of their properties. In terms of structuring methods, the focus is on cost-effective processes such as self-organising nanoball lithography (structure sizes 500 - 50 nm) and block copolymer lithography (structure sizes down to < 10 nm). Highly spatially resolved electron microscopic and spectroscopic methods are used to characterise nanoscale materials. Pioneering new measurement methods such as STEM-DPC for analysing atomic electric fields and modern methods of data evaluation are being further developed. The overarching aim is to understand the physical mechanisms that occur during the production and structuring of materials in detail and to correlate them with the material properties.



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Developing Quantitative Nondestructive Characterization of Nanomaterials: A Case Study on Sequential Infiltration Synthesis of Block Copolymers

E. Cara, P. Hönicke, Y. Kayser, J.K.N. Lindner, M. Castellino, I. Murataj, S. Porro, A. Angelini, N. De Leo, C.F. Pirri, B. Beckhoff, L. Boarino, F. Ferrarese Lupi, ACS Applied Polymer Materials 5 (2023) 2079–2087.

Self-Assembled Block Copolymer Thin Films and Their Applications

J. Lindner, K. Brassat, eds., Self-Assembled Block Copolymer Thin Films and Their Applications, 2023.


Selective Area Growth of Cubic Gallium Nitride in Nanoscopic Silicon Dioxide Masks

F. Meier, M. Littmann, J. Bürger, T. Riedl, D. Kool, J. Lindner, D. Reuter, D.J. As, Physica Status Solidi (b) (2022).

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