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The main objective of the "Didactics of Physics" working group is to analyse and improve the learning of physics in schools and universities. With the help of empirical teaching-learning research methods, evidence-based statements can be made in the field of basic and developmental research in the didactics of physics.

In line with the "Transformation and Education" profile area at Paderborn University, the working group focuses in particular on competence-orientated teacher training research. It is dedicated to the design of future-oriented teacher training under changing social conditions and in consideration of socio-scientific issues (e.g. climate change and energy supply, digitalisation, artificial intelligence). Current projects in this context are concerned, among other things, with content design features and the embedding of digital media in teaching. These are also transferred to the third phase of teacher training with the help of teacher training programmes. In addition, the research-based further development of teaching and examination formats in physics teacher training programmes and the evidence-based development of teaching materials for schools will be examined by developing self-designed low-cost experiments and investigating their learning effectiveness, practicability and acceptance. Third-party funders of the working group include DFG and BMBF.


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