Courses in the didactics of physics

The courses on the Bachelor's degree programme are usually offered once a year, the Master's courses every semester. The courses currently on offer can be found on PAUL, the Paderborn University and Teaching Assistance System.

Bachelor's or Master's theses

If you would like to write a Bachelor's or Master's thesis in physics didactics, please contact Ms Webersen for advice. You can contact us with your own topic proposal or we can inform you about the current possibilities. We offer Master's theses in ongoing research projects, e.g. on the effect of explanatory videos on pupils or on the reflection of physics lessons. However, Master's theses are also always possible, for example, in which new teaching materials are developed and evaluated.
Theses in physics didactics are all empirical in nature, i.e. you have to collect and analyse data on a research question.