Paderborn Videos - Group discussions

As part of my doctoral project "Diagnostic competence of prospective physics teachers", I produced numerous film recordings of group discussions on physics thinking tasks. The aim was to obtain authentic group discussions in which typical student ideas in mechanics are expressed and discussed. Some of this video material is listed below, organised thematically according to the physics tasks on which the group discussion is based. The transcript and the task sheet completed by the respective group are also available. Individual groups were filmed several times, whereby the group composition remained the same in each case, so that the people can be observed in two different contexts, for example. To protect the individuals, their faces are pixelated in the videos and access to the videos is password-protected. The latter changes every semester and can be requested by email(


Perpendicular throw 1

Related research work

Rath, Viktoria (2017): Diagnostic competence of prospective physics teachers - modelling, test instrument development and assessment of diagnostic performance in the diagnosis of students' ideas in mechanics. Logos. (doctoral dissertation)

As well as final theses by E. Frenz, J. M. Jürgens, C. Plonka and M. Stadermann.