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On the following pages you will find videos produced by us as part of research projects. They include explanatory videos on experiments in the fields of optics, electricity and mechanics, as well as videotaped group discussions in which students' ideas about mechanics are expressed. With the help of this video portal, we would like to make a selection of videos and additional materials available to the public for the training and further education of teachers as well as for physics lessons.

Short explanatory videos for experimenting

Learning the cognitive activity of "physical experimentation" can be supported with the use of explanatory videos. These videos provide step-by-step instructions for typical school quantitative experiments and make processes that are not directly observable accessible to learners through visualisations and explanations.

YouTube channel physics and chemistry didactics

Curious to find out more?

You can find all Paderborn explanatory videos on physics and chemistry topics on our YouTube channel...

Videographed group discussions

Groups discuss brainteasers on various topics in mechanics at intermediate and advanced level. The groups have to choose one of five possible answers, which leads to typical student ideas being expressed and discussed.

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