Paderborn videos - explanatory videos on experimentation

As part of the "Award for Innovation and Quality in Teaching" (link), several short explanatory videos on physical experimentation were produced. The didactic approach of cognitive apprenticeship in all its dimensions - modelling, scaffolding, articulation, reflection, coaching, fading out - is implemented through the use of the "explanatory video" method tool in the course. One of the aims here is to increase students' self-efficacy in experimental activities. These explanatory videos are listed thematically below. In addition, the completed task sheet and additional practical tips (low-cost variants for the set-up or technical how-to-do) are also available.

By popular request, the videos can be started (here) without being analysed for teaching purposes.

We are constantly working on expanding and optimising the video portal. It will also be supplemented with another digital form of use, "Simulations".

"We would like to point out that the experiments and setups shown in this video are carried out at your own risk. Paderborn University does not guarantee the success of the experiments and setups, nor does it accept any liability for any damage that may occur during their implementation. Minors should only carry out the experiments and setups under the supervision of an adult."

Electricity theory


Source: Gingl, Mingesz, Makra and Mellár (2011): Review of sound card photogates. In European Journal of Physics, Volume 32, Number 4

Electromagnetic radiation (radioactivity)

Related research work

A. Szabone Varnai, P. Reinhold (2017), "Experimentelle Praktika mit Erklärvideos optimieren"(pdf), article in the conference proceedings of the Gesellschaft für Didaktik der Chemie und Physik, annual conference in Regensburg 2017.