Welcome to the teaching and learning center Physiktreff

The teaching and learning center Physiktreff combines higher education expertise with the scientific expertise of the lecturers in the Department of Physics to enable our students to study physics successfully.

The center focuses on three pillars:

1) Counselling and support for students and lecturers

2) Development of teaching and learning materials

3) Research into higher education in physics

Tasks & goals

The aim of the Teaching-Learning Centre is to develop support measures for students that are as tailored as possible to their heterogeneous learning requirements and to provide them with the best possible support in developing their individual academic identity.

The main aim of the programme is therefore to develop a coherent introductory phase for students. To this end, the various measures and courses are coordinated in a targeted manner. For the further development of the courses, new didactic approaches are tested and their effectiveness evaluated together with the specialised lecturers.

In all (teaching) developments, the further development of metacognitive skills (self-regulation) and socialisation in the subject of physics are taken into account in addition to subject-related aspects.

Of­fers of the Physiktreff

Sup­port ser­vices for stu­dents

Here you can find all support materials for studying physics

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(Fur­ther) de­vel­op­ment of courses

Further development of teaching Innovative teaching projects Coaching and workshops for lecturers

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Re­search pro­jects

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Work­shop series - Present­ing re­search in phys­ics

In cooperation with physicists we have built different virtual workshops about "Giving a talk", "How to built a poster", "How to write a paper" and "how to do literature research".

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