Minor in Phys­ics

Physics can be taken as an optional minor in the following study courses:

Bachelor study course:

Semester Veranstaltung SWS Credits
3rd Semester Experimental Physics I V3 + Ü1 6
4th Semester Experimental Physics II V3 + Ü1 6
5th Semester Experimental Physics III V3 + Ü1 6
      Total: 18

If you choose physics as a minor, you have to complete 7 ECTS in your general studies.

Master study course

Semester Veranstaltung SWS Credits
1st, 2nd und 3rd
Physics Internship A P2 4
  and two other internships from    
  Physics Internship B (*) P2 4
  Physics Internship C (*) P2 4
  Physics Internship D (*) P2 4
  or one of these lectures:    
  Physical Measuring Methods (without internship) V4 + Ü2 7
  Astronomy V4 + Ü2 6
  Modern Materials V4 + Ü2 6


  Total: 10..12

If you choose physics as a minor subject, you have to complete a total of 12 ECTS points in your general studies, so you have to complete 0… 2 ECTS points.
(*) Prerequisite: Physics internship A

Minor in Physics in the Bachelor study course Mathematics

Compulsory lectures:

Semester Lecture SWS Credits

Experimental Physics A (Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Statistics)

V4+Ü2+P2 11

Theoretical Physics A (Classical Mechanics)

V4+Ü2 7

Theoretical Physics C (Quantum Mechanics)

V4+Ü2 8
5 Electives (3rd Semester)    
  Theoretical Physics B (Electrodynamics) V3+Ü2 7

Experimental Physics B (without internship) (Electricity, Magnetism, el.mag. Waves, Optics I)

V4+Ü2 7

Experimental Physics C (without internship) (Quantum Physics, Optics II)

V3+Ü2 6
      Total: 32..33



(optional) 1 or 2 lectures from this list:


Lecture SWS Credits

Experimental Physics B

(Electricity, Magnetism, el.mag. Waves, Optics I)

V4+Ü2 7

Experimental Physics C

(Quantum Physics, Optics II)

V3+Ü2 6

Experimental Physics D

(Atoms, Molecules, Nucleuses, Elementary Particles)

V3+Ü2 6

Theoretical Physics B


V3+Ü2 7

Theoretical Physics D

(Thermodynamics, Statistics)

V4+Ü2 8

Total: 0..15

(V = Lecture, Ü = Exercise, P = Internship)


Other combinations can be agreed after consultation with the academic advisor.

The events are usually concluded with an exam.