The bachelor's degree program in physics

In the bachelor's degree program in physics, the ability is to be acquired to independently classify physical and, in part, overarching problems that require a goal-oriented and logically sound approach on the basis of scientific knowledge and to analyze or solve them through the use of scientific and mathematical methods.

The bachelor's program teaches the ability to independently analyze and classify physical questions on the basis of scientific knowledge and to answer them using scientific and mathematical methods. Key qualifications (e.g. time management, learning and working techniques, teamwork and communication skills, foreign languages, rules of scientific practice) as well as an independent, goal-oriented and theoretically sound approach are taught. The three-year bachelor's degree is the first professional qualification in physics and is typically supplemented by a master's degree.

The Paderborn study program was completely revised for the winter semester 2017/2018 and is particularly characterized by the following aspects:

Depending on your own preferences, the Bachelor of Science in Physics can be studied in the following options:

  • The study option "Natural Sciences" contains application-oriented mathematics lectures, chemistry and an extensive laboratory internship, which ends with your own larger project.
  • As part of the "Mathematics" option, the students hear the more abstract mathematics lectures "Analysis" and "Algebra", which are otherwise mandatory for students of mathematics. Up to the third semester, this study option allows for a smooth change between the subjects of mathematics, physics and math/physics teaching qualification.
  • The studies are designed in such a way that the 5th and / or 6th semester can be studied abroad. This can be done as part of a coordinated program at the University of Le Mans, the twin city of Paderborn in France (study variant "French"). Other goals around the world are also possible as part of the Erasmus program. The study plan is then individually compiled in consultation with our advisor for studying abroad.

In order to prepare for later work in intercultural teams in research and industry, language courses (either English or French) are included in all study options, which focus on reading and writing technical papers and participating in technical discussions.

In addition to imparting know-how, a focal point in all study options is the systematic promotion of scientific research methodology: Beginning in the first semester, experiments in the Paderborn Physics internship are planned, set up and carried out, as well as reflected and interpreted, just like in everyday research.


The students are accompanied in the first semesters by the Physiktreff, which supports them with targeted and supervised learning opportunities and facilitates the difficult transition from school to university. In addition, the preparatory course in physics offers the opportunity to get used to everyday university life (the lectures) and to make initial contacts with lecturers and fellow students.

Naturwissenschaftliche Variante

Mathematische Variante

Französische Variante

Wichtige Infos zum Studienbeginn

How to become a student in physics.

Instructions for application.

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Important: The Preliminary course (in German)

To help you get started, we recommend taking our pre-course!

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The Physiktreff

Support for your first steps in the world of physics.

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Although the physics studies are not restricted, the enrollment procedure begins with a paperless application via the PAUL online portal of the University of Paderborn.

First you create a user account, then you choose the desired study course - i.e. physics - and follow the steps through the system. Before filling in, you should have your certificate documents ready!

The choice of study variant (mathematics, natural sciences or semester abroad) does not have to be made when enrolling, but is made indirectly during the study course by choosing the respective lectures.

By the way: a minor or secondary subject is already integrated in the study course in physics: mathematics. Only if you enroll for a teaching qualification in physics can you choose the second subject. Mathematics is suitable for this due to the large synergy effects.

Detailed information on the examination regulations and the individual courses can be found in the official examination regulations.

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