Re­gis­tra­tion for Mas­ter thes­is

Registration for Master thesis / preparatory modules (only PO v4, from WS17/18)

1. Structure of the Master thesis

The master thesis (in the examination regulations referred to as the "Research Phase") consists of three modules:

  • Preparation: Theory (15CP)
  • Preparation: Methodology (15CP)
  • Master thesis (30CP)
    This module contains:
    • The written report (“Master thesis”).
    • The colloquium on the master thesis (“Defense”).

2. Conditions for registration

  • Preparation: Theory
    • Quantum Mechanics II passed.
    • At least 48CP acquired.
  • Preparation: Methodology
    • Quantum Mechanics II passed.
    • At least 48CP acquired.
  • Master thesis
    • “Preparation: Theory” successfully completed.
    • “Preparation: Methodology” successfully completed.

3. Forms of examination

  • Preparatory modules
    • The preparatory modules are usually concluded with a presentation about the familiarization phase.
    • The presentations for both modules can be given on the same date.
  • Master thesis
    • Written report (usually 40-80 pages).
    • Oral defense including an examination interview (45-60min).

4. Finding a topic, choosing the supervisor


  • Before registering for the preparatory modules, please find a supervisor and agree on the topic and a timeframe for the project!
  • When you have registered for the preparatory modules, please inform the supervisor! The supervisor will not receive a separate message about the registration!

5. Deadlines and dates for registration

  • Preparatory modules
    • The preparatory modules are offered in both the summer and winter semesters.
    • Important: The registration deadlines correspond to the regular deadlines for course registration in PAUL. Please make sure you meet the deadlines.
    • The preparatory modules are taken in parallel and last one semester (six months).
  • Master thesis
    • Registration for the Master thesis can be made at any time after the preparatory modules have been successfully completed.
    • Usually the Master thesis is registered immediately after completing the preparatory modules.
    • Registration takes place via the form in PAUL which is signed by the supervisor and the chairman of the examinations committee.
    • The second reviewer should be asked separately whether he / she is willing to take on the review. A signature on the form is not necessary.
    • You have five months to complete your Master thesis.

6. Registration in PAUL

  • The registration of the Master thesis in PAUL is done under "Applications".
  • After "submitting" the registration, the admission requirements are checked.
  • If the requirements are met, the application form will be made available in PAUL under "Documents".

7. Evaluation of the work / extension

  • An extension by a maximum of four weeks (illness) or eight weeks (other reasons) may be requested to the examination committee.
  • Evaluation of the written work will take place within four weeks after submission of the work.
  • The oral defense will take place at the latest six weeks after submission of the paper.
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