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Foto (Matthias Groppe): Holographie-Apparatur von Herrn Dr. Andreas Redler

Photo: Foto (Matthias Groppe): Holographie-Apparatur von Herrn Dr. Andreas Redler

Master degree programme in Physics

The Master degree programme in Physics imparts enhanced mathematical and scientific knowledge together with an overview of interrelations within physics as well as expertise in a field of specialization that connects to current international research, so that complex physical problems can be analyzed, formulated and to a large extent solved by scientific means. In particular, it provides the ability to familiarize oneself with new specialist subfields of physics, to review the pertinent current international scientific literature, to independently design, carry out and interpret experiments or alternatively to utilize models and simulations based on theoretical principles in order to solve physical problems.


Study Advisors

Dr. Uwe Gerstmann

Theoretische Materialphysik

Akademischer Oberrat

Uwe Gerstmann
+49 5251 60-3481
+49 5251 60-3435

Transition Bachelor -> Master

The University for the Information Society