In­sight in­to stud­ies, ca­reer and lots of fun: Sum­mer­Camp 2023

At the end of June, the time had come once again: In keeping with tradition, almost 30 students were able to visit the University of Paderborn for SummerCamp Physics 2023. The participants came from all over the northern half of Germany and had to travel several hours to get there.

During the four days, the students learned a lot about life at a university and the everyday life of physics students. They got to know professors, staff and students at the university, listened to specially prepared lectures and learned to review the material in small groups and work on physics questions.

But the question of what comes after studying physics was also addressed: During an excursion to the technology company Infineon in Warstein, the participants were not only able to visit the workplace of physicists, they were also able to exchange ideas with three alumni of the University of Paderborn in small groups. This was used intensively by the students and was one of the highlights of the SummerCamp.

But the practical application of what was learned was not neglected either: in line with one of the lectures dealing with hydrodynamics, there was a canoe trip on the Lippe followed by a barbecue and cool experiments of event physics. Even a few raindrops didn't matter - it was a successful evening, topped only by the impressive demonstration of the Tesla transformer the next evening.
After four eventful days, we are already looking forward to the next SummerCamp 2024 - you can apply here!